Systems Upgrade Package

Get your outdated systems updated with 1-on-1 support.

Systems Upgrade Package– a full day or  half-day of focused attention on you and your technology / social media systems.

Rono, Sierra and/or David will work with you and your “machines” to take you and your systems to the next level. We will help you to create a more streamline approach to the way you interact with your technology and social media profiles.

Full day price (8 hours) –  $795
Half Day price (4 hours) –  $495

Pick 3-4 topics/areas you are stuck and we will guide you, right beside you, and show you how to create your online system success.  With you we will build the system, create the plan, design the program and establish your future.

Some of the topics available to deepen and complete are:

Get the support you need to succeed

Market Research: includes Comparative Analysis and Search Engine Supply & Demand SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Design Your Layout and Look and Feel of Site: Define how you are going to be different then your competitors

Blog: Support and Set Up
Email: Support and Set Up
FaceBook: Support and Set Up
YouTube: Design, Use and Set Up
Twitter: Support and Set Up
Analytics: – How well your website is working. Looking at the people that are on your website and what are they interested in.  Getting results.
E-zine systems:  Support and Set Up, Email List Upload
Mobile Phone: Integration and Set Up

How does it work?

Purchase the amount of time you wish to spend with us.  After purchase email: with a list of 2-4 goals you have for your session as well as a few dates / times you are available.  We will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your session.  All sessions take place at the Life Stylized Success Center, 444 Broadway, Suite 302, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

Full day price (8 hours)-  $795

Half Day price (4 hours) –  $495

THANK YOU!!!  See you soon!