Love Notes For Sierra

What people are saying about Sierra…

You will be inspired to LOVE yourself in new ways.
You will see yourself with new eyes.
You will remember WHO you are.
You will find inspiration in your business.
You will reach more people from a heart-centered place.

You will shine the Real Authentic You!



What I desire most in my life is actually possible!

I began working with Sierra back in October of 2010 in both group and individual sessions.

I sought out her guidance because for a very long time, I’ve felt like I was spinning my tires in my love relationships with the men in my life over the years. I never felt that what I had with a man at any given moment was quite enough and I’d over-think the relationship, wondering if it was right, over and over and over and over!

In working with Sierra, it became abundantly clear to me that the root of this issue for me was not with the men themselves, but with Self-Love. I’ve always known that loving yourself was important, but had NO IDEA how to do that! Sierra changed that.

She helped me to see exactly HOW to start loving myself, in a variety of ways, including positive thinking, saying positive affirmations, creating a Sacred Space in my home where I can go to focus on myself, putting daily, simple rituals in place that allow me to take time to honor myself…and really so much more than I can list here. It’s an incredible breath of fresh air. I feel that, for the first time in a very, very long time, and maybe forever, that what I desire most in my life is actually possible and it’s much closer than I ever realized, because it’s right there within me. I am forever grateful to Sierra, such a loving, inspiring, and intuitive soul.”

– Andrea Langworthy, OR


Absolutely Valuable to Who I Am!

It’s as though Sierra has been living her life as a seeker of the best lessons and bits of wisdom with her eyes, ears and heart wide open and has distilled that information in order to disseminate it in a way that is profoundly useful to others. Working with Sierra has been absolutely valuable to who I am as a person.

– Lenore Perry, CA


I Found Clarity and Purpose.

If you prioritize growth and personal expansion you must align with teachers, supporters and advisors who help keep you on track moving toward your goals. If these teachers are well chosen, their mere presence in your life- the way they listen and speak to you- will reflect critical information back to you along your journey, thus allowing a powerful relationship with them and yourself to develop.

The teacher that I find in Sierra is exactly that. She is deeply committed to conscious growth and to sharing and supporting the journey of us women. I have found that she has the ability to channel the highest information to me which helps me bring out my truest gifts. Even when I am not not exactly sure what it is that I want to achieve, a session with Sierra brings clarity and purpose into the light for me.”

– Tancie Trail,  NY


Now Confidently Making my Dream a Reality!

With the help of Sierra’s love, support and amazing coaching, I am now confidently and powerfully making my dream a reality! I am grateful and blessed to have such an amazing partner in sisterhood and a coach who believes in the importance of a woman’s voice and dream!

– Tracey Trottenberg, CA


Helped Me Become Clear on my Calling!

Sierra’s course gave me insight into the fears, emotions, and (re)actions that were holding me back from achieving all that I am capable of. Then, I was given the tools to move past those limitations and exercises to invoke the powers within me to create a paradigm shift in my life and resources to assist me on my path. Overall, the experience was beneficial for me on many levels- it helped me become clearer on my calling and more passionate about what I do. The journey was helpful, inspiring, empowering, and positive.

And, Sierra’s loving energy and supportive nature through the entire process was incredible!

– Kandice Korves-Kaus, CA


Awakened to Possibilities.

I had an amazing experience working w/ Sierra. She was able to put into perspective things that I did not even realize I was doing, and things that I am capable of doing. I find her insight and expertise an inspiration to keep moving forward in my life journey. I am awakened to possibilities that I did not know were there! I am continuing to work w/ Sierra, because there is so much more I know I will learn about myself.

– Debra Knapik, NY


I Have Become More Clear on How to Stay on Track.

Working with Sierra has been amazing. I have become more clear about how to stay on track with what I offer, and a guide to support me in going forward. I felt honored for who I am and I feel enhanced both in heart and soul. Her work has added to my life in ways that are to big to express.

– Karen Carey, NY


Accepted My Inner Calling.

Working with Sierra is like sitting in the calm eye of a chaos storm. She provides shelter and honesty that’s needed to consciously accept an inner calling. Sierra is open, a conduit for energy to flow into your soul and take your spirit by the hand and guide it to the surface.
– Carolyn Maroney, CA


I am Learning So Much About Myself.

Sierra, you are an amazing woman! I am so blessed to have met you and I am learning so much about myself through you. I wanted to thank you for that. You are the best!!!!!

– Ellen Mancini, NJ


Money Making Insight.

Sierra was amazing in guiding me to a business goal I wanted when I was feeling stuck on “how to get there”. Sierra created a clearer vision on how too reach my goals with very helpful and money making insight.

– Debbie McNairy, NY



I Enjoyed Every Moment.

I enjoyed every moment working with Sierra. My session actually went in an unanticipated direction, covering information & prompting discussion of ideas I hadn’t thought of on my own. Sierra did an incredible job helping me recognize issues & ways to deal with them in a loving, caring way.

– Shayne Johnson, NY


A Sustainable Way to Get to the Next Level.

Sierra is just fantastic – I felt she completely understood me and her questions, insight, and time she spent really helped me focus not only where my next steps need to be, but helped me to see how I can begin to make the very next step and how each step really does bring me closer to where I ultimately want to be. I felt supported and guided by someone who knows business and a feminine way to approach it. This helped me see that there is a sustainable way to get to the next level.

– Phyllis Adler, NY