Meet Sierra

Feminine Empowerment Expert & Passion Coach, Sierra J. Sullivan offers revolutionary, cutting edge trainings, workshops and experiences for heart centered, forward thinking women.  As well as small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Sierra Biz cardHer mission is to support women in uncovering their divine feminine, so that they can create the life they desire.

Sierra is most well known for her feminine empowerment expertise and services. She works with women to help them reclaim their feminine qualities of nurturing, receptivity, creativity and intuition so that they are able to feel more authentically expressed and satisfied in life. She offers this guidance and support to women through circle gatherings, seminars, workshops, motivational speaking and private coaching.

Sierra is driven by a relentless inner calling to help others succeed by inspiring them to rediscover their passions, live their dreams and express their authentic voice in life, love and business.

With her 12+ years working in production on television commercials, 9+ years publishing her own women’s magazine (both online and in print) and 3+ years as a founding partner of a graphic design firm, she has a lot to say about the power of marketing and creating a purpose driven business.



Connect with Sierra

Working with Sierra…

You will be inspired to LOVE yourself in new ways.
You will see yourself with new eyes.
You will remember WHO you are.
You will find inspiration in your business.
You will reach more people from a heart-centered place.

You will shine the Real Authentic You!


–> I grew up in Oswego, NY in a family of visionary community builders.  My father was mayor in 1988 and together, he and my mom started the well known festival Harborfest

–> I adore dogs and have an special spot in my heart for Schipperkes (my current schipperke is named Winston Bear and he’s the mascot of Life Stylized).

–> I worked on Britney’s Spears first ever music video-  “Hit me baby one more time”

–> In the past 15 years, I’ve been to the Burningman festival eight times.

–> I met President Clinton in person.

–> I drink a veggie juice almost every day.

–> I am on the board of directors for Gather the Women Global Matrix

–>  I love to hula hoop.

–> I ran my own women’s empowerment magazine in LA for more than 8 years.

–> I once bumped into Simon Le Bon (singer of Duran Duran) at a Virgin Records party.

–> I was a purple haired cheerleader in high school.