Working privately with me is like turning up the flame on the pilot light of your soul.

I am here to hold you to your greatest expression, love you more deeply than you love yourself and help clear the way for you to see beyond your current reality to bring forth your dreams and desires in the most fun and exciting ways ever!

If this excites you let's dive in!


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12 (50 min) sessions for $2022

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"If you prioritize growth and personal expansion you must align with teachers, supporters and advisors who help keep you on track moving toward your goals. If these teachers are well chosen, their mere presence in your life- the way they listen and speak to you- will reflect critical information back to you along your journey, thus allowing a powerful relationship with them and yourself to develop. The teacher that I find in Sierra is exactly that.  She is deeply committed to conscious growth and to sharing and supporting the journey of us women. I have found that she has the ability to channel the highest information to me which helps me bring out my truest gifts. Even when I am not not exactly sure what it is that I want to achieve, a session with Sierra brings clarity and purpose into the light for me."

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