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Sierra J. Sullivan

Passion Coach, Marketing Maven, Feminine Power Expert & Circle Facilitator

Who is Sierra Sullivan?

Sierra is most well known for her role as founder and publisher of The RAY magazine which was once Southern California’s fastest growing lifestyle magazine empowering women towards positive living and healthy body image.

Sierra spent nine years growing the magazine from tiny little e-zine with only 30 subscribers to an 84-page full color, glossy magazine that reached over 81,000 readers per issue. During that process she established The RAY as a “lifestyle brand” by offering readers empowerment seminars, creativity workshops, passion coaching services, and a live community of women and resources in which to connect with.

Her passion has always been to gather women in a meaningful setting to support the re-emergence of the feminine. In 2010, she closed the doors to the magazine to pursue a more grassroots “in the field” approach to her work with women and has shifted the focus of her brand to it’s namesake- The Real Authentic You Movement.

This decision called her back to the East coast and since her recent relocation to Saratoga Springs, NY she has created a plethora of women centric events, workshops and gatherings which include the successful creation of the 1st annual Saratoga Women’s Fest, a city-wide celebration attended by more than 300 women over three full weeks in March 2011.

Since Women’s Fest Sierra has put her focus into opening a coaching center in downtown Saratoga Springs called the Life Stylized Success Center with her husband Rono and their business partners/ coaching colleagues, Karen & Kevin Carey where they have begun to host a plethora of life changing and transformational workshops and events for people seeking more satisfaction and success in life and business.

Born into a family immersed in politics and community building Sierra learned a multitude about event management, public speaking and creating community coalition at a grassroots level through participating and helping her parents, from a very young age.

Sierra has extensive media expertise from her 12 + years working as a freelance production manager and art department coordinator for television commercials and music videos. She graduated in 1997 with a B.S in Cinema Arts from the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College. She holds a minor in writing, philosophy and outdoor recreation studies.

Sierra Speaks On…

• The Evolution of the Modern Women’s Movement
• Self-Love topics for Men & Women
• The Feminine Directive- a new business model for women.
• Leading Ladies; The New Power of Women in the World
• Body Image Issues for Women and its Global Impact
• Turning your Dreams into Reality
• How to Manifest your Dream Partner
• Women’s Circles and the Importance of Gathering.

Interviews and Shows

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Feminine Power-  on Zehla De Bella TV



The Revolution Will be Televised (And Tweeted!) 

Sierra Sullivan talks about the revolution of the modern women’s movement and the importance of media’s portrayal of women.

A well known spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, at last Fall’s peace summit proclaimed, “The world will be saved by the western woman.”

Media still plays a significant part in shaping our views. It is up to new media to step up to the plate and bring forth the inspiring and authentic stories to help us focus on what’s right in the world, but more importantly, what is happening with women, and rally more of us to the cause.

We must help women leave limiting beliefs about themselves behind, connect up with other inspired and activated women, and get our there and lead!






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