Meet Rono

If walking on to a stage and commanding the room from the first second interests you then Ronald K. Smith (aka Rono) is the person to guide you toward your goals.

BizCardFront_Rono1A highly intuitive lifestyle coach drawing expertise from more than 20 years of international vocal stage performance, Rono ignites his clients to inspired success and to break through their limiting B.S (belief systems), conditioned mind and fears. Gentle but demanding he walks hand and hand with his clients to help them achieve a renewed sense of confidence and ability to achieve what was only a dream in their minds.

Through an eclectic background in vocal performance, marketing, design, teaching, and music production he guides his clients through this modern business jungle. He has an extraordinarily motivating and heart centered approach to life, business and love. His areas of specialty include assessment of your personal environment and how it affects your life, individual fashion consulting related to self-love, personal empowerment and confidence, creating positive habits for success and mindset-belief re-frames around expectations and wealth consciousness.

Former clients include: Jaguar Cars North America, Genlux Magazine, The RAY Magazine, Hsin Tao International, Herbal Answers Inc, as well as many smart, strong, successful women (and a few men) from around the country.


~ Let the Real Authentic You shine through ~


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Vision in Action

Intuitive Lifestyle and Business Coach, International Performer

Take your vision from mind to matter.

It’s easy to stay stuck in your visionary process and never put it into solid action in the world. We are surrounded by those who have trouble believing in the grandiose ideas of a true visionary.

The difference between them and YOU is Constant Imperfect Action.

Coaching with Rono, you will learn:

• How to distinguish and extinguish the voice of fear when it comes to your powerful vision.

• How to create small action steps each day to encourage your vision.

• How to face the sabotaging forces in your life with courage and power.

• To believe in yourself and to trust your vision.


You will care for yourself more deeply.

You will feel more confident.

You will honor and love yourself again.

You will be more self-expressed.

You will speak your truth.

You will act in spite of fear.

You will be able to ask for your needs.

You will shine as the Real Authentic You!