High Vibration Consulting with Rono

I guide successful and powerful woman leaders into deeper spiritual connection so they are able to command a steadfast approach to living fully expressed in the boardroom and the bedroom. You become more connected to your source energy and unlock your true powerful femininity.

“It is a rare man who understands a woman. Even more rare is a man who understands a woman and knows her complicated, mysterious and emotional ways are her greatest assets. Rono’s gift is the capacity to be able to energetically “hold” a woman through her self un-covering process so that she can become her most authentic, powerful and exquisite expression of herself in the world.

Rono authentically engenders the Divine Masculine that allows the unfolding of the Divine Feminine within his clients. Any conscious business woman who is ready to move into the new, high vibration, feminine version of herself would be a genius to hire Rono!  ~ Ani Anderson, New Health

If walking into any room and commanding your presence from the first second interests you then Rono is the man to guide you toward your dreams. A highly intuitive lifestyle coach drawing expertise from more than 20 years of international vocal stage performance, Rono ignites his clients to inspired success.  Gentle but demanding he walks hand and hand with you and supports you to precisely achieve a renewed sense of confidence and ability to receive what was once only a dream in your thoughts.

Through an eclectic background in vocal performance, marketing, design, education, music production and countless personal and business development courses he guides his clients through the modern jungle of life. He has an extraordinarily motivating and heart centered approach to life, business and relationships.

~ What people are saying about Rono ~


TestimonialPicsCoaching with Rono was a turning point in my business!

When I started working with him, I was suffering from “the best kept secret” syndrome…I was making a difference in people’s lives but not having the impact or making the money I wanted.

Through his brilliance, I was able to leverage my gifts, become much more effective at marketing and UP-level my income. During my powerful partnership with him, I achieved my most successful course launch to date, generating triple the amount of money I had made in previous launches.

Rono is one of the greatest allies, full of enthusiasm, masculine presence, love and innovation. Plus, he’s FUN!

I love you, Rono! Thanks for your unwavering support.”

~ Kendra E Thorbury, Wealth From Within




Rono is Pure Magic

“Rono’s is pure magic and creates an amazing space so you can
be sexy, in-control, and unforgettable where ever you go or on
any stage you walk on!!!! Thank you Rono” 

~ Maria Sirriya, Tantra Yoga Business Teacher




Rono adeptly moves his clients in the direction they have wanted to go!

Rono listens with presence and compassion. In addition, he has great capacity for understanding a multitude of complex topics. And while he has a humorous and lighthearted nature, there is also a depth of insight available to him that he applies skillfully to the situation at hand. As a result, Rono adeptly moves his clients in the direction they have wanted to go, but didn’t know how to get there. He illuminates the path.

~ Pepper Wolfe, Yoga Therapist




I want to tell you both, again, how much I admire and appreciate you both. Not only have you taught me so much about business, you’ve given me the safety to begin personal exploration that will strengthen my message and more importantly,me. That can only come from two people who are genuine and true. You are both awesome!

~ Gayle LaSalle, Trainer and Coach



“Working with Sierra and Rono is like Miracle Grow for your business and personal life. I am forever changed in so many powerful ways.”

~ Valerie Munson-Drohobycky, Fashion Designer



Vision in Action

Facilitated by Rono- Intuitive Life and Business Coach, International Vocal Performer

Take your vision from mind to matter. It’s easy to stay stuck in your visionary process and never put it into solid action in the world. We are surrounded by those who have trouble believing in the grandiose ideas of a true visionary. The difference between them and YOU is Constant Imperfect Action.

By coaching with Rono, you will learn:

• How to distinguish and extinguish the voice of fear when it comes to your powerful vision.
• How to create small action steps each day to encourage your vision.
• How to face the sabotaging forces in your life with courage and power.
• To believe in yourself and to trust your vision.


You will care for yourself more deeply.
You will feel more confident.
You will honor and love yourself again.
You will be more self-expressed.
You will speak your truth.
You will act in spite of fear.
You will be ask for your needs.

You will shine as the Real Authentic You!

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