Precision Coaching

Listen up!  Yeah you.

Before you get scared away because you think I am going to try and sell you on something you might want to see if what I have to say resonates with you or not.  If it does NOT great, if it DOES great.

This page is not here to convince you of something you need.  If you found yourself here, perhaps something is calling you to read on.

My people, my tribe, the ones that look to me for guidance have asked me for this program and I have mastered my ability to offer it to them.  There is NO obligation, rather an invitation to see if I can be of support to your dreams and help make them more tangible on a daily basis instead of some far of vision that never really manifests.

For all those reasons and many more I have created precision coaching.

I personally have been a coachee in two programs similar to my new precision coaching program.

The first time I participated in a laser coaching program my coach helped me get clear on what I offered and intern I landed two clients that brought in nearly $30,000 in less than two months. It also set me down the path of where I am today.

The second time I did a laser coaching program I participated for an entire year.  My coach supported me in creating 4 successful product launches that help me net nearly $100,000 additional income by the end of the program.  With PC the same is possible for you.

Are these miraculous results?  Absolutely, but they can be achieved by anyone that has has the desire to see things differently and take action.  It is hard to see all the opportunities available to you when you are in the weeds of your life.  Miracles happen every day and it does not have to take years for yours to manifest.  I can only speak from my experience and that experience is what will make a difference in your life and business today.

What is Precision Coaching?

A laser coaching program designed for you if you have an established presence/business and need more focus and drive to achieve your goals.

Why is this important?

Because you simply don’t do what you say you are going to do. You know what needs to be done, but you don’t make the commitment and take consistent imperfect action to reach your goals.

Not being accountable over time builds a habit.  A poor one that will be a constant block to your success, unless it is shifted and swapped with a new habit.  This habit must contain action and follow-through.

Is Precision Coaching for me?

Precision coaching is for you if you are ready to create successful habits.

Rono will, once and for all, hold you accountable and not allow your stories to run the show.

Your excuses will fade away and be replaced with experiences of success.

You will set goals and intentions in life, love and business and Rono will keep you on point to meet and exceed those specific desires/goals.

You will learn how to commit to your goals and dreams in a balanced way.  Not under committed and not over committed.

When you hire a coach you are investing in yourself.