Platinum VIP

The VIP Platinum Program is a 1-year private coaching program.

Through this exclusive VIP program, you will receive focused guidance, support, and strategy to revolutionize the way you show up in your business and life. You will fast track your success and achieve the results you desire.

In this program you will receive:
• Membership to “The Masters Club” 6 Month Marketing Mastermind ($5,000 Value)
• (2) Private Half-Day In Person Intensives ($3,00 value)
• (30) 50 minute private coaching sessions in person or via Skype ($22,500 value)
• (10) 10-minute Emergency calls ($1,000)
• VIP Entrance to any Life Stylized Signature Events, plus bring a guest for free ($ Priceless)

By the end of this VIP Platinum Coaching Program your business and life will be completely transformed.  You will feel like and BE a new person!

• You will have stepped into the next level of your business, not based on what you think that should look like, but with clear and certain knowing of exactly what next level is right for you.

• You will no longer be charging for your time hourly (ever again) and instead will have packaged and priced your offerings in a way that feels totally honoring to you and your clients.

• You will remember what you want from your life and why you went into business and have the tools you need to hold onto that vision and stay out of depression, confusion, comparison, and frustration that we are so susceptible to as heart-centered entrepreneurs.

If you are ready for radical transformation and the above speaks to you then we encourage you to fill out the application.  Your next level awaits!

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