Personal Coaching

Are You a Woman who…

√ Does a lot for others but rarely makes time for yourself?

√ Can’t shake that nagging self-criticizing voice in your head?

√ Has a hard time asking for help?

√ Acts like a lone ranger doing too much on your own?

√ Feels like you should always be doing something?

√ Doubts yourself often?

√ Feels like you are meant for more?

If you answered Yes to even one of these questions, you know you are in the right place!

I invite you to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation session with us to see how I we help you get to the next level of YOUR life and BE a more inspired, empowered and bountiful version of yourself.

Here are some ways we are available to work with you to support you in receiving and achieving all that you are destined to BE.

1:1 Coaching

Our schedule is open on a limited basis for individual coaching. This time is available to individuals (men and women) and couples who are truly ready to make a quantum leap in life.

We have several packages to choose from.

Break Through Power Session
You get two dedicated hours to focus on one specific area. You will leave with a plan of action to break through a life, relationship or business block and move into inspired action on your goals.
($400 value)

Winter Blues Special Rate- $195

Home Evaluation Session
Your outer world always reflects your inner world. Let us give you a full Lifestylized review of your home so you can see exactly where and how your physical stuff limits your emotional freedom. You will get a detailed report on what areas of your home need to be “restylized” to support your true-life vision. By implementing our suggestions, you will see a tremendous break-through in your life.

Email us for details

Quick-Start Pack
for the client that needs just a “little boost.”
5 one-hour sessions by phone or skype.

* Must be used within a 3 month period

Roll-up Your Sleeves Pack
for the client that’s ready to dive-in and create serious momentum.

10 one-hour sessions
by phone or skype.
* Must be used within a 6 month period

The Longevity Elixir
for long-term support, encouragement & inspiration.
20 one-hour sessions
by phone or skype.
* Must be used within a 12 month period

Email us for details


VIP Full Day Coaching

Blast into Action Day
One full day of complete focus on you, your business or your relationship. Together we will solidify a powerful plan of action for you to break through any limitations and set you on a steady course that is more fully aligned with your purpose and soul.

Email us for details

Due to the extreme limited availability for a full day experience, an application process does apply. If you are interested in finding out how we can support you in your goals and visions, please contact us to request an application.

Working with Rono & Sierra will help you to:

  • – Create new opportunities for money to manifest.
  • – Make yourself a priority.
  • – Release old beliefs that have held you back for too long.
  • – Become more connected to yourself and your intuition.
  • – Manifest incredible things with ease and excitement.
  • – Bring out your fabulous and fun, feminine side.