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Birthing the New Economy of Self-Worth Money_chick

A six-week discovery of wealth, wisdom and worth for women who are ready to transform their money story!

Are you a woman who struggles with any of these thoughts?

  • Making money is hard
  • I can’t afford that
  • I wish I earned as much as my husband
  • No one will pay me for that
  • Money corrupts
  • Getting a job and working hard your whole life is the only way to
    make money
  • I’m tired of not having enough money to do what I want

Then it’s time to transform your money story!

Join Sierra J. Sullivan for a six-week teleclass program where you will learn valuable information and empowerment tools to gain…

  • Clarity on what money actually is and its proper place in your thinking
  • A clear picture of your current finances, so you can move forward from where you are now
  • A proven system to make more money based on Universal Laws
  • The ability to ask for money
  • Awareness of what your current money story is (you may be surprised at what you find)
  • A new Money Story that supports your best life

Class starts by phone January 2014.  Exact date and time TBA.
(all calls will be recorded)

(Regular Program Cost-  $297)

Special Offer:
Only $197


 Includes these bonuses:

• Cool Conscious Money Training Video
Your personal abundance atlas for manifesting all your money desires.
($197 value)

• 30 minute private session with a Life Stylized Coach
($125 value)