Marketing Made Simple – THANK YOU!

Congratulations on taking this powerful step toward optimizing your business through marketing. The Marketing Made Simple Teleclass will rock your world!  We are very excited to have you as part of this amazing program and look forward to serving you.

Before we begin, it is important to to help us get to know you and your current level of marketing and technology know-how. Please take the time, right now to fill out this brief intake form prior to the start of this program.

NEXT- Please mark your calendars for the all class dates…

Class 1-  Tuesday, October 16th from 1-2:15pm EST / 10-11:15a PST

Class 2-  Tuesday, October 23rd from 1-2:15pm EST / 10-11:15a PST

Class 3-  Tuesday, October 30th from 1-2:15pm EST / 10-11:15a PST

Class 4-  Tuesday, November 6th from 1-2:15pm EST / 10-11:15a PST

Class 5-  Tuesday, November 13th from 1-2:15pm EST / 10-11:15a PST

Class 6-  Tuesday, November 20th from 1-2:15pm EST / 10-11:15a PST

(please read carefully)

• A week before the program you will receive your program welcome packet.

• We will email you a weekly packet in PDF form 24 hours prior to each class. We will go over this packet in each class so you will need to have it in front of you for each class. You can do this electronically or you can print out each week’s packet and put them into a 3 ring binder to keep yourself organized. 🙂

• It will be helpful if you can be in front of your computer and connected to the internet for each class.

• To maximize your experience and results, please call in from an undistracted and quiet environment.

• We will have the same dial-in info for each class. Please keep this information in an easy to access place. This information will be in your welcome packet (coming soon).

• All calls will be recorded and made available to you for your records and later listening.

• We will host all of the class information and audio recordings on one easy to find website page. We will send you this information in your welcome packet.

Thank you for saying YES to your business and mind expansion!  We are honored to support you!

If you have any questions please email Rono at

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Rono & Sierra