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Attention all healers, therapists, yoga teachers, massage therapists, coaches, artists and wellness practitioners…


With MARKETING • MADE • SIMPLE you will learn about:

• Wealth Consciousness
• The Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Website
• How to price and package your services to increase your revenue.
• Easy, Intuitive Online Systems that will Grow Your Business
• Developing a Lasting Relationship With Your Tribe
• The Power of a Tribe: How to build your community with ease
• How to create larger dollar products & services with less time investment.


You’re a smart and compassionate person who has tremendous knowledge to share with this world. You have unique knowledge and gifts that help people transform their lives. You’ve built your business almost entirely through referrals and word of mouth. You see the exceptional results that happen when clients experience your services. You know the power of your modality and what it does for people yet you…

• Still struggle to make ends meet or pay the bills on time.
• Don’t have enough clients to quit your day job.
• Continue to offer free sessions in hopes that it will gain you paid sessions.
• Get stuck when it comes to follow-up with current clients.
• Feel bad about charging your worth.
• Keep your rates low because you don’t think people will pay more.
• Believe that continued prayer & positivity will eventually bring you clients.
• Doubt that you will ever support yourself fully with your practice.

If any of the above feel true for you, YOU are NOT alone. More than 80% of spiritually based, service oriented business owners feel just like you.

Somewhere along the way you learned that…

“Being spiritual means you cannot be wealthy.”

“Asking for your worth is selfish.”

“Selling your services makes you seem pushy or desperate.”


We are here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth, especially now. God did not bestow you with the gifts you have so that you would struggle. You have been guided to pursue this path so that you could help more people, be happy and thrive in the process… and guess what? Help MORE people!

You are reading this message right now because you know in your heart that something has to change. You know that what you have is important and you have a sense that you just might be playing a bit small. As a modern healer (which, if you have services that help people transform or become healthier in any way, you are), it is your MORAL OBLIGATION to help as many people as possible. Let’s face it- this world is in trouble with a capital T.

People are suffering more than ever. The planet is in peril, cancer is still on the rise, divorce is the norm and children are suffering just as much as the adults. Because of this, humankind is WAKING up and we are searching for answers. We know that there HAS to be a better way and our souls are crying out for help! This is where YOU come in.

Your services are needed now more than ever! As a healer, you must start seeing yourself, your knowledge and your services as THE ANSWER. The gifts you possess are the medicine that people are starving for. But guess what… they have no idea because you keep playing small and hoping that one day, you’ll be discovered through enough “word of mouth referrals.” Let me say to you with love AND urgency that word of mouth is just not enough to reach the people who are in deep need of what you have to offer. It is not fast enough nor far reaching enough to help the amount of people that are suffering. You need a megaphone and platform. You need to be SEEN and HEARD.


Take a moment right now to feel into this message. What does it bring up for you?

Go ahead… take a minute right now to get present with your feelings.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and FEEL into what this brings up for you.

Are you angry (at me or yourself)? Do you want to click away? Do you feel excited, impatient?

There is no wrong answer. What ever you are feeling, it is ok.
Embrace ALL of it.
Embrace YOURSELF for feeling this way. It’s time to get RILED up and more importantly DO SOMETHING about it.

So what IS that something?

I invite you to open your mind and consider the possibilities of what sharing your gifts with more people might look like for you.

Imagine this…

You just finished working with a new client. Your IDEAL client. The results of your session were amazing. You are both extraordinarily grateful for what you both received from this time together. You are feeling excited and hopeful. This new client asks you (in very indirect terms) what it would look like to work with you on an ongoing basis. You pause for a moment (feeling the fear) and then quickly realize that the answer is clear. You confidently pull out your menu of services and easily share your packages and prices because you know that what you have to offer will support their transformation.

You then ask them how would they like to pay and when they realize that they didn’t bring their checkbook they ask you if would you take a credit card. You joyfully answer YES! The client then says, oh if that’s the case, I’d rather sign up for the larger package! Just after the client leaves, while you are still in the excitement, you decide to open up your laptop and write about your experience and the results that can be achieved by working with you. From this inspired place you easily create your next blog article and now have content to send out to your email community. That night you go home and have a great discussion with your significant other and it sparks a great story to share with your community. T

The next day during your “scheduled” writing time, you share this personal story with your list, helping them to get to know you better (thus building a deeper more meaningful relationship with past and prospective clients). You link your new blog article to that same newsletter and include a special offer at the bottom. You hit send. A few minutes later you receive an email from a previous client saying how inspired she was by your article and saying how much she could use another session. You get her scheduled for later that week. You’re feeling empowered and excited about yourself, and you should! Life is GOOD!

Later that day, while seeing another client, he mentions that he also enjoyed your latest email and that he knows a few friends who could really use your services. Great, you say, here are some business cards. Not needed, he replies, I’ve already forwarded your email to ten people.

Could this really be YOUR reality?

Absolutely YES!  Why?
Because it’s happened for me and it can happen for YOU! What you just read about is a story on how using simple systems and having a small base of knowledge about these marketing systems can be simple! You just need to be shown HOW. I can show you how. I too want your healing powers to be felt in the world. As a colleague of yours in the transformational arts, I personally see the shifts that take place everyday in my clients lives when my gifts are fully shared. And, by using simple online tools like an email newsletter (e-zine) and more, I have been able to spread my message, services and self with a lot more people.

This is what I want for YOU. It is SO simple…

If you want to:

  • Reach more people and convert them into paying clients
  • Feel excited about meeting and talking with new prospects all the time
  • Have more time to spend with your family or doing things you love
  • Make money while you sleep
  • Have more “word of mouth” referrals
  • Regularly stay in the forefront of your clients mind encouraging them to buy your services more often

Then this program is for YOU!


“As would be expected of any course, I received great information that will be invaluable as I go forth in my new venture. More importantly, was the interaction with Sierra and Rono.  They are both authentic, knowing how to be themselves in their presentation. Yet, the clear message is that each of us are just fine in being who we are.  However, the most important aspect of this class was the positive energy and encouragement. I consistently leave any interaction with Sierra and Rono feeling as if I can really do what I have set my mind to.” – Gayle LaSalle, Personal Leadership Facilitator,

“Sierra and Rono’s sincerity, as well as their willingness to share their experiences and history with the content, was an integral component that made the class so valuable. They were always concerned about their students understanding of the material. They built in a  half hour for questions and answers at the end of each class to ensure their students would be able to apply the information presented. I also loved the accommodation of being able to listen to the class after the class was presented.” – Janet Orzano, Reiki Master,

 “Rono and Sierra have a gift. They understand that everyone is unique, we all have our own medicine, we all need to share it. They showed me that marketing is important, and that I have the ability to learn. One giant step toward technology enlightenment!” Christine Northrup, Shaman

“Sierra and Rono are excellent business and marketing coaches. Their understanding of online marketing and ability to break it down in easy to understand and follow steps make them the clear choice for heart-centered practitioners looking for a way to expand their businesses. – Christine Dunn,


What you are about to read is ABSOLUTELY the best system on the planet for people who offer life changing services… just like you and me. Are you interested?


MARKETING • MADE • SIMPLE is the culmination of years and years of personal experience and thousands of dollars spent on the worlds BEST marketing programs, seminars and teachers. We have taken all this information and created a laser focused SUPER SIMPLE method for attracting and converting paying clients to your business.


This step-by-step process that cost us literally thousands of dollars in research and development is being offered to you for only $795 $497.

Why so inexpensive? Because we want to make absolutely sure EVERYONE can afford to learn this system. We want empower you to help as many people as possible, show you how to be more successful, and make money sharing your gifts.

“This was the best thing to happen to me since I married my wife 27 years ago.  The class was a life changing event in that I could understand why I needed to market myself as the powerful person that I am.  Learning not to be scared about the technology, terms, and all that goes into marketing.  It truly is Marketing Made Simple.  Thank you for sharing all of your wisdom, insights and techniques to get me of the dime to get my business off the ground with marketing.”  – Lee Nichols, Life Coach,

“I followed my intuition when I signed up for the MMS class and I had no attachments or expectations of what the experience would bring into my life. There were many gifts from the class- learning in areas where I was originally lost or could not even form a question about, connecting to a wonderful group of people on a Spiritual Journey to provide Medicine to members of their tribe, just to name a few. It was truly a turn you upside down and inside out and let the experience of sharing give you a new perspective about what marketing is really all about, knowing who you are and how to connect with people that makes sense through this new awareness along with useful tools and resources”   – Janet Levine, Soul Collage Facilitator

“The information was presented in a clear and logical manner with the understanding that the learning curve for most of us was very steep. Rono and Sierra know what they teach through their own work setting up their own businesses. What works, what does not was presented honestly and with reasons why they do or do not work.” Great class.  – Rev. Robert Hernandez, Minister & Clairvoyant

Sierra and Rono are truly experts in their field! They make you think of things that may be holding you back from your full capability and work with you on improving and growing not just as a business person but an everyday person as well.”  – Angela G., Chiropractor,

“Sierra and Rono have set up a great 6 week Marketing course that really boils down all of the important information to a succinct program that is effective and definitely added value to my business and the development of it.  I feel like this course was a great catalyst to moving forward in my business and putting the necessary pieces in place to create a framework for attracting ever greater forms of abundance.” – Gabriel Colella, Transformational Teacher and Consultant

“Sierra and Rono’s programs are wonderful! I highly recommend!”  – Sarah LoBisco, Naturopathic Doctor,



In this comprehensive 6-week telecourse you will transform your mind into a “marketing mind” through step-by-step, simple processes that give you more time and energy to do the thing you do best; help and heal our community. And you’ll learn how these systems help make you more money!


Topics we will cover:

Wealth Consciousness: Stop Struggling and Start Funneling

  • Identify and shift the beliefs that keep you from charging your worth.
  • Know your why- it’s the power behind the passion.
  • Create your financial goals and a map to help you get there.
  • Learn the importance of package pricing and having a “menu of services.”
  • Create a system of money management.

Website Under Fire: Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Website

  • What creates an effective “ACTIVE” website for service based businesses.
  • Understand why updating your own website is crucial to your success.
  • What kind of website will attract your ideal clients.
  • Learn what NOT to have on your website.
  • Learn about build-it-yourself systems.

Technology Is Your Friend: Learn about Easy, Intuitive Systems that will Grow Your Business

  • How to use inexpensive or free online tools to gain more exposure.
  • What are the best tools for your budget and current level of experience.
  • Learn how an e-zine (email newsletter) works and how to set one up.
  • Understand the power of tracking results.

You are the Expert: Develop a Lasting Relationship With Your Tribe

  • Why an e-zine is the best way to build trust.
  • Why staying in front of an audience regularly increases sales.
  • Learn how to be Authentic in your Copy.
  • Subjects and headlines that increase open rates.

The Power of a Tribe: How to build your community with ease.

  • Define the core needs of your target audience.
  • Create a free offer that represents who YOU are and what you do.
  • Use your free offer to build your list.
  • See examples of highly successful free offers.

Business Funnel: Stop Trading Dollars for Hours 

  • How to increase your services with less time investment
  • Low cost/ no cost ways to increase your client base
  • How to package your services for higher dollar ROI
  • Expand your business with less effort and more expertise

As you can see, this program is jam packed with information on how to use simple systems to reach more people and how to set you and your systems up for success. Each week will build on the next and offer you information and resources that will help you to build systems yourself or find out where to get help (and what to look for in the help).

This program is not for everyone.

You will know this is for you if you are…

• Ready to move beyond the status quo.
• Willing to take a step up in your business.
• Tired of wondering where your next client is coming from.
• Feeling helpless in your business.
• Overwhelmed by the thought of marketing.
• Truly ready to make a shift in the way you do business.

Is this you?

YES, I am ready to help more people and expand my business using online tools!

Get access to all this GREAT information for only $795

Early Bird Special -  $495


  • In order to keep this class highly interactive, supportive and intimate, we are limiting the number of participants.  
  • Each class will be held for 75 minutes on six consecutive Tuesdays at 1pm EASTERN / 10am PACIFIC starting on May 15th, 2012.
  • (2) Additional 45 minute group coaching/ Q&A calls
  • All classes will be recorded and made available to you as an MP3 file so you don’t miss out on ANY juicy information, and you can re-listen to the parts that will best encourage and support you!
  • You will gain access to a private online Facebook Forum to connect with past & present MMS classmates. (priceless)

Get all this GREAT information for only $795

Early Bird Special -  $495
(best deal)

Or sign-up for our easy pay plan of
3 installments of only $182

(billed every 3 weeks)

And, if all this wasn’t enough, we’re including these Amazing FAST ACTION BONUSES… (for those who are ready to say YES today!)

Build Your Online Bridge with Special Guest David Levesque

  • Understand the purpose of social media.
  • Know where your tribe is searching and how to help them find you.
  • Learn the power of Key Word optimization for all your marketing promotions.

A Get Clients Now! Mini-Class with Special Guest Karen Carey

  • Understand the purpose of marketing.
  • Find out where you are, where you want to go and how to get there.
  • Getting real about “sample session/freebies”
  • How to get business being you.
  • Learn about structures that support your credibility and visibility.

Early Bird Special -  $495

Or sign-up for our easy pay plan of
3 installments of only $182

(billed every 3 weeks)

Questions?  Contact: / (518) 290-6690

MARKETING • MADE • SIMPLE is Facilitated by:

Sierra J. Sullivan, Marketing Maven, Feminine Power Expert & Passion Coach

Sierra Sullivan is a highly accomplished creative visionary, conscious marketing expert and grassroots community organizer. With her 12+ years working in production on television commercials, 9+ years publishing her own women’s magazine (both online and in print) and 3+ years in the graphic design business ( she has a lot to say about the power of marketing and online presence. Sierra offers workshops, seminars and private coaching in the areas of authentic lifestyle, living your purpose, conscious marketing and feminine empowerment.

Rono, Intuitive Lifestyle and Expression Coach

Rono is a highly intuitive life and business success coach, drawing his expertise from more than 20 years of international vocal and stage performance and an eclectic background in marketing, design, and education. He has an extraordinarily motivating heart centered approach to business and to helping his clients create their ultimate lifestyle. He is also the co-founder and Creative Director of

Our Guest Experts…

David Levesque, from Word of

David is a thought leader and implementer of digital communications that drive network efficiency i.e. get more done with less effort in less time through mass collaboration. With an understanding of marketing, product development/commercialization and technology, David and Word of Mobile help businesses make the profitable transition to the digital media customer focused age of business. Since the dawn of the web, David has been leveraging digital communications and collaboration to build networks of people that get things done more effectively and with greater profits. David believes that sustainable business practices must be created and implemented to provide for the next generation’s well being. Digital communications will be an integral part of achieving this goal.


Karen Carey, Life Stylized Communication Coach

Karen was always curious, adventurous and independent; and after moving from a small rural town to Saratoga Springs, Karen became a successful businesswoman, creating an innovative salon/spa. As an entrepreneur she continued her education in Europe, developing into an accomplished teacher, a workshop leader and a consultant in business relationships, teamwork and leadership. Karen is also an accomplished teacher in Health, Wellness, and Fitness disciplines; including Yoga and NIA, she is a Transpersonal Counselor, a Reiki Master, a Certified Reflexologist and a professional Life and Business Coach.