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LifeStylized Presents:

Dear Friend,

Springtime is here and it’s time to clear out that winter energy.

There’s a reason for every season and let’s face it, winter is the season of storing. We store extra weight, extra clutter and even extra emotional baggage! For the past few months we have slowed down, spent way too many days indoors and have probably put off taking care of things (like putting away those overdue holiday decorations) because we’re just not feeling motivated.

Now that Spring has arrived, you’re probably feeling the urge to purge. It’s time to open up your windows and air things out-  physically and emotionally. Seriously, how often do you air out your emotions? Most of us have no idea how much emotion our stuff holds. So holding on to our stuff… holds in the emotions.

Have you ever heard the saying “Your outer world reflects your inner world”?

How does this apply to YOU?

Say this with me…“Everything in my physical space is a reflection of what is going on with me.”

Uh oh!  What does that mean?

It means that one of the reasons you may be feeling a little sluggish or not able to focus, or not having as much sex as you want, is in large part to YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Seriously. If you’re energy is low- how full are your closets and drawers?  If you’re not able to focus, how tidy is your desk and office area?  If you’re not having sex… what does your bedroom look like?

The experts say that if you want to live a healthy and happy life, then a balanced environment (or home) is crucial.

Do you ever consider that your journey is weighed down by the baggage you carry? What most people don’t know is how much of your success (life, love, and financial and business) depends on how energy is stored in your personal space.

More than 6000 years ago the Chinese developed, and still use to this day, a perfect science for keeping harmony, balance and flow in life. It is so effective that it has become an art form. You might know this as “Feng Shui.” Feng Shui’s main purpose is for balancing the energy or “qi” in the home for vitality and health.

LifeStylized draws insights from the ancient teachings of Feng Shui and combines our professional success and emotional coaching systems to bring you our “Mess2Success” programs and services.

Get involved in your life today and find out how we can help you go from MESS 2 SUCCESS. 

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