Body Love

An exploration of the sensual, intuitive and sexy side of feminine expression.

As women, we are blessed with incredible gifts and wisdom that can only be fully realized by tuning into and tending to our bodies. If we ignore the whispers of our body, we deny the full potential of our human existence and what we are here to offer.

The time has come for us to see ourselves with new eyes; to express our feminine power through deep adoration and care for our beautiful and bountiful bodies.

When we embrace our sexuality, sensuality and powerful intuitive nature we offer our greatest gift to ourselves and to the world. Only then can we fully give and receive at the level we dream of.

Join Sierra &/or Karen for an intimate and sacred conversation and exploration of yourself, your femininity and your core. Are you willing to BE and SEE the beautiful goddess you are? Join us.

Meets once a month-on the 3rd Wednesday evening 
from 7-9p.
This is a Women Specific Group.

FREE for Members
$30 for Non-Members

No RSVP Necessary.
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