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It’s Been A VERY Long Time!


Hello RAYdiant Friends-

I started writing this email to you sitting in the living room of one of my dearest friend’s apartment, overlooking the Hollywood Hills!

I came back to Los Angeles for a visit after almost three full months living in upstate New York and realize that I have been away from this e-zine for equally as long. Seems fitting that I would be inspired to reconnect with you while spending time back in LA. 🙂

Since I left, my life has become so transformed. I feel like I am finally living in alignment with the life I have always dreamed of.

Along the way, I enjoyed a picturesque adventure driving cross-country, have been exploring and building a vibrant community of women on the East Coast, and recently experienced an incredibly magical wedding on 10.10.10.

There has been SO much insight that I’ve wanted to share with you during my transition (read… great content!) and what has kept me quiet is my complete and utter commitment to my own process. I am starting to see how my own growth may have been somewhat stunted by taking so many personal moments of insight and “ah-has” and immediately turning it into content. I feel that this tendency kept me from truly experiencing my emotions and insights on a deep level. Do you relate?

These past few months away from LA have been a huge gift. It has allowed me to pull back from the need to use my life and story to market my business, and it gave me the space I needed to integrate more feminine qualities back into my life and truly experience my journey for myself.

Sometimes, as women, we forget that our power comes from taking time for ourselves. We forget that we are here to nurture our souls above all. We get caught up in the distractions of life and we forget the core of our strength comes from each other and the support we lend by gathering.

As of today, I am more clear on the importance of my work with women than ever before. I am grateful to have begun supporting the incredible women of upstate NY in our weekly gatherings and it has taught me SO much about the Power of Circle. I am more deeply connected to myself and the awe inspiring feminine power that I possess. And, I am feeling the bliss of saying YES to myself every day!

I am now ready to bring these new insights and teachings out again (publicly). I thank you for staying connected to me through my transition! If at any time you find that the information I bring to you is not serving you in the highest, please feel free to unsubscribe. For those of you who remain a part of my tribe, know that you are about to get the best of me that ever was!!!  What fun we are going to have together!

In gratitude for YOU and for me!

Shine on-

My Own Story of Stuff


My life has been transformed once again! Last month my husband, Rono and I packed up our entire lives in Los Angeles, sold almost everything and drove across the country to a new adventure of upstate NY living! Amongst MANY things, I have to say it has been an intersting look into my attachment and release of STUFF! Enjoy this 5 minute video where I share my humorous insights into my own personal Story of STUFF!

I’d love to hear about your story of stuff. Please leave me comments. Shine on!

For a picture gallery of the treck cross country,

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