Bagels & Business

A Business Action Group for Men and Women

The mission of the Bagels and Business Action Group is to start the day with a sustaining burst of carbohydrates, caffeine and conversation. The survivors will participate in a fast moving and fun filled session focusing on problem solving, on planning a great day and on creative ways to get things done. They will collaborate on turning crisis into opportunity, in brainstorming and idea generation, and on entrepreneurial tips and techniques. Driven by the entire group the focus will be on balancing business and personal goals and accomplishment.

This is a great format if you are planning to start a business, in the early stages of business development, or who wish to re-energize their business, or who are seeking strategies to counter a commercial challenge or to take advantage of a fast moving opportunity.

Please, join Life Stylized Coaches and a group of entrepreneurs seeking to stimulate and drive progressive change.

Meets once a month- every 2nd Thursday morning 
from 9-10 AM.
This is a Mixed Group.


No RSVP Necessary.
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