Awaken Your Divine Feminine Presence and Step into A Profound Journey of Self-Discovery & Sisterhood.

There is a massive awakening happening for many women on this planet, and the fact that you have landed here, means that you are ready for that activation in your life.

Dear Sister-

Welcome Home.  You may have been guided to this page by a friend, colleague, or a random connection or post that landed you here. However you got here, does not matter. The important thing is that you are HERE and that you might be feeling one or more of these things...

  • Something new wants to come forward in your life but you feel stuck.
  • You have a desire that feels far away and you're ready to put it front and center in your life.
  • You're tired of running yourself ragged for mediocre results.
  • You're not living fully expressed as the powerful woman you know you are.
  • You feel doubt and uncertainty about your higher purpose at times.
  • You're lacking a solid support network of sisterhood in your life.

I get it girl.

And you are NOT alone.

There is a profound awakening happening for many women on this planet, and the fact that you have landed here, means that you are ready for that activation in your life.

If this is you, I invite you to join me in this awakened sisterhood of women who are ready to yes to our dreams, our desires and our destiny on this planet.

The time is now and you are the perfect women.

If you're curious about joining this sisterhood, I would love for you to book time to continue the conversation with me personally.

For the next week or so, I have opened up space in my schedule to get on the phone with women who have heard the call and ready to heed it. Let's put our minds and hearts together and support one another in this awakening... I know you are feeling it too.

I invite and encourage you to take this opportunity to speak with me and see what's ready for further activation, and how I and this awaken sisterhood can support you.

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Welcome to What’s Next…

AWAKEN is an inclusive year long personal empowerment program designed in harmony with the lunar cycles of women. As a woman you posses an innate power in your body unlike your counterpart. You are the bringer of life, the wise woman, the queen, the goddess, the high priestess, the mother, the leader...  when you tune into the natural pulse of your female body you will have access to gifts previously unaware to you.

Our bodies rhythm is tied to cycle of the moon and other celestial bodies.  When you flow with that pattern you are able to dial into the innate wisdom of your body and align with your fullest potential. Awaken your authentic self and create juicy relationships, purposeful contributions and a life of true satisfaction.

Carefully designed to give you the support you most need, when you need it. You will join an amazing sister-tribe of powerful women who will nurture, encourage and hold you as your life soars.

My desire for you is…

To make the leap from where you are now to the next stage in your personal evolution and life fulfillment. Feel held, seen and appreciated like never before. To create a new profound relationship with yourself, other women, men and the world that serves you greatly.

Feminine Heart Activation

As women we live in a world that does not support the very nature of our feminine gifts. Over time our voices have been increasingly suppressed and silenced. We call you forth now to join our sisterhood so that your voice can be heard. It's time to open your heart and awaken to the best version of yourself.

Awaken is an evolutionary program open to a limited number of women who are ready and willing to unplug themselves from the “hard work and struggle” ethos and become joyful, playful and pleasure-filled creators of their life.

Awaken gives you the space to blossom. So you are able to birth all you desire in your life, relationships or business. When you are clear, your choices become clear! All the other training or coaching will fall into place with the work you do with us and the support of this sisterhood.

How will Awaken support you as a woman?

You will...

  • Reconnect with your desires and wholeheartedly align with them.
  • Create fun and enlightening experiences that nourish you.
  • Surround yourself with positive, like-minded women.
  • Learn the secrets to greater success.
  • Open to loving yourself fully.
  • Create opportunities for pleasure-filled adventure.
  • Enjoy healthier relationships with men.

You will also...

  • Grow prosperity in every area of your life.
  • Become a powerful magnet for your desires through “BEing”… no more doing!
  • Increase your internal confidence.
  • Learn to trust your body’s truth as a powerful source of guidance and manifestation.
  • Turn conflict into compassion and unease into understanding.
  • Get unstuck from any limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Practice the art of sacred ritual and intention setting.
  • Have some of the best experiences of your life… promise. ☺
Take The Journey With Us

Be held by a tribe of sisters

You present yourself to the world as the smart, savvy, competent and pulled together woman (and you are). Yet underneath the polished exterior you’re most likely managing a complex and often-complicated life. Sharing personal struggles and challenges is something that may not come easy to you. As you move through your day, game face on, what you don’t know is that you are not alone.

Real life, most relationships and business can be uncomfortable at times. You absolutely need the love and support of other women on a similar path to help navigate the invariably bumpy road of becoming the person you are meant to be. We have created a safe and supportive community environment for an intimate group of women to come together and share this journey.

Be held by a tribe of sisters and very powerful guides that will light the way. You can speak your truth, embrace your desires, live with courage and powerfully step in to the fullest expression of you.

Take The Journey With Us

I actually love myself.

I don’t even recognize the person that I was before I started this program. I was seeking exterior stimulus to make me feel better about myself, to replace the love that I was lacking within myself. Through Awaken Mastery I found the thing that I was searching for… was the love I discovered within myself. Now all I need to do is look myself in the mirror to know I am enough.
~ Shaina Gruen

I have greater self confidence.

In my heart I knew there was more to me. Through this program I have been able to develop more self-confidence and self-love. I’ve deepened my relationships with my husband, my family and myself. I’ve finally released those old stories that have not been serving me.
~ Anita Filbek

I am playfully engaged in my life.

I was a perfectionist and wanted perfection in every area of my life… I wanted everyone to like me. Over time I found that I became frustrated easily, wasn’t sleeping as well as I could have. I was exhausted both physically and emotionally. What I learned from being in Awaken Mastery has help me transition to where I am more playfully engaged with my life, I am more focused on what is important and present when I am with the people I’m spending my time with.
~Tanya Porter

I want some of that!

People actually want to be around me now because the amazing person I have always been has come back to life and people can now see that. I’ve even had people that have known me for years say “Wow… what are you doing? You’re glowing, you’re radiant, you look amazing, and I want some of that!”
~Heather Plyler

Take The Journey With Us

What facilitates growth the fastest for women?

Experiences that raise your vibration, energize your spirit, release stagnant emotions and elevate you and your desires to new heights, where you are gently held by women you trust and with whom you can bond deeply.

If you loved what you received from the Live Experience, more IS available.

It is our deepest honor to support your next evolution as a woman and for you to walk this path with us. Say YES and watch your world go from black & white to Technicolor!

Mentorship really works!

Simply put, sisterhood combined with mentoring really works, but only when led by someone who:

  • Has been where you are, felt a similar pain and has settled into her wise woman. They not only understand where you are, but can help you get where you want to be.
  • Is able to help you get clear on what you need most and how to use your gifts, challenges, goals and opportunities to propel you forward.
  • Has a beautiful balance of feminine & masculine presence -- to help you understand yourself better and therefore help you succeed in all levels of your life and business.
  • Can see and hold a vision for you and who can show you exactly what to do to receive that vision.
  • Is committed to her spiritual path and is willing to give you feedback that could be the one thing to propel you forward quickly.
  • Will hold you accountable, and lovingly guide you to grow and become the best version of yourself.
  • Can support you in transforming the fears and blocks that come up, turning them into fuel for learning and growth.
  • Most importantly, is someone you trust.

Over the past 10 years I've offered similar mentorship programs, and this one is by far juiciest. You've seen some soaring success stories from our participating sister tribe. This could easily become your story.

I'm so thrilled and proud to have guided them to realize their authentic self and be living a life of true satisfaction.

I would love the chance to play with you, too.

With Love and Commitment,
Sierra Signature

Take The Journey With Us

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